Force Turbos Affiliate Program

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Become a Force Turbos Affiliate

Partnering through Force Turbos Affiliate Program is a simple way to generate new revenue from your content.  Earn 5% of purchase price in commission for each product purchased!  We're now making it easier than ever to monetize your content and audience.

Register to become a Force Turbos Affiliate

How it works:

  1. Register for an account
  2. Wait for approval from Force Turbos (24-72 hrs)
  3. Once approved you will be given a discount code (5% off for your customers)
  4. Distribute your code to your audience (you can also leverage our link generator to create a link that will automatically apply your discount code to user's carts)
  5. For every purchase made with your code, you earn 5% of the purchase price
  6. Once you have $100 of earned affiliate credit (viewable through your affiliate panel) you can request a payout from Force Turbos

5% to you and 5% for your audience

  • Your audience receives 5% off all products on when using your discount code
  • You earn 5% of the purchase price for all purchases made with your code


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