Polaris General® 1000 Turbo System


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Elevate the performance of your Polaris General. Increase from 68hp stock up to and above 105hp. Read more...

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Polaris General® 1000 Turbo System
Polaris General® 1000 Turbo System
Polaris General® 1000 Turbo System
Polaris General® 1000 Turbo System
Polaris General® 1000 Turbo System
Polaris General® 1000 Turbo System
Polaris General® 1000 Turbo System

Product Information

Force Turbos pump fuel turbo system is designed specifically for all Polaris General® 1000 units from 2016-2023 and Polaris General® 1000 XP units from 2020-2023.  

With a boost level of 5 psi and high-volume design, you are sure to get the additional horsepower you are looking for with minimal stress on the motor.  Your General will see a dramatic horsepower increase to the wheels from 68hp to near and above 105hp. 

This system will fit all 2 door and 4 door Polaris General models.

 Turbo system includes the following:

  • Garrett Turbo
  • Dynojet® Powervision 3 with tune
  • 2.5” aluminum charge tube & cold air intake
  • 4 ply silicone connection fittings
  • Stainless steel high flow turbo supply pipe and exhaust components
  • All necessary fittings, hoses, clamps, and hardware
  • Turbo system does not include clutch kit (options available if needed)
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    • Polaris General (2016-2023)
    • Polaris General XP (2020-2023)

    Tai with Force Turbos shows you how to install the Force Turbos Polaris General Turbo System.

    PDF Instruction Manual

    Performance Expectations

    • The system takes your General from 68hp at the wheels to near or above 120hp.




    • Base fuel mapping included. Digital fuel controller tuning required for specific machine setup for optimum functionality.
    • For diagnostics and tuning AFR and Boost gauges recommended.

    Boost Level

    • 6 psi low-pressure high-volume.

    Fuel Considerations

    • 91 octance non-ethanol fuel is compatible.

    System Exhaust

    • High flow performance resonator.


    • Our experienced staff is available Monday through Friday from 9 am - 5 pm MST to assist with any of your technical questions.


    Hear the difference

    Stock Polaris General
    Polaris General 1000 Turbo System


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    • I am planning on puting this kit on a 2022 Polaris General XP 4 in the future. It states that it is 100 HP stock. Have you Dyno'd one of these with this Turbo kit on it to see the performance increase? Also, Giloman Innovations does an ECU Tune I am thinking about getting as well. It is called "General 1000 XP Performance Tune Kit ECU Tune Package / Clutch Kit (Includes ECU Tune, Blackmax Clutch Kit, Helix, Secondary Spring)". Can you think of any reason this would negatively affect the Turbo kit?

      Polaris has stated the stock horsepower on the Polaris General is 100 HP at the crank.
      On average, you lose 30%-40% of power through the clutching, transmission, and axels.  That is why, we always state our horsepower at the wheel. 
      We have dynoed many Polaris Generals on a Dyno Jet dyno our findings have shown the rear wheel stock horsepower at 65-68 RWHP.   
      With our Force Turbos Polaris General Turbo System, the rear wheel horsepower levels hit 105-109 RWHP at 5 Psi of boost on the same dyno. 
      There are many vendors that are very good at what they do. Just make sure that the money you spend with them will work with the Force Turbos Polaris General turbo system. In your case, the tune you pay for with the other vendor is incompatible with our Polaris General turbo system. The money you spend on the tune will be wasted.
      However, the clutching should be compatible with the Polaris General turbo system.