Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system


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Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system - Force Turbos
Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system - Force Turbos
Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system - Force Turbos
Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system - Force Turbos
Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system - Force Turbos
Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system - Force Turbos
Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system - Force Turbos
Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system - Force Turbos
Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system - Force Turbos
Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system - Force Turbos
Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system - Force Turbos

Product Information

Experience the pinnacle of performance with the Force Turbos Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system. Unleash the full potential of your ride with this high-performance turbo system, meticulously crafted using top-tier components from the turbo world.

Upgrade hassle-free – no need to worry about fitting a larger turbo or installing bigger injectors to handle increased boost. Our turbo system is expertly sized, delivering a seamless 50 HP gain up to an astounding 350+ HP boost (perfect for motor enhancements), whether you prefer 91 Pump fuel or the punch of full E85.

Don't squander your hard-earned money on undersized, subpar turbos and parts. Opt for excellence on your first try, and get precisely the performance you crave from a turbo system.

Our dedicated team has invested relentless effort into perfecting the turbo system ever since the 2022 PRO R release. From design, layout, sourcing, to engineering, we've poured our passion into this masterpiece. The wait is over – behold, a true work of art that is the Force Turbos Polaris RZR Pro R 2.0L Turbo system.



  • No cutting or modification to bed, keep full bed working area
  • Uses Stock OEM Air filter, air box, and intake turbos
  • Garrett 30-770 58mm water cooled billet wheel anti-surge ball bearing turbo with V-Band full port exhaust housing
  • Schedule 10 Stainless steel tig welded and purged header with full flow 4-1 collector
  • Turbosmart Gen V 40mm adjustable external wastegate
  • Turbosmart fast reacting full flow dump BOV with sock
  • Full divorced water to air charge tube cooling system with plug and play wiring
  • Low amp magnetic drive cooling pump
  • 3-bar map sensor
  • Side mount heat exchanger with fan
  • Aluminum coolant filler neck
  • Aluminum cold air intake
  • Aluminum charge tube
  • Aluminum pre airbox high flow intake
  • Aluminum right side clutch intake
  • 4 Ply silicone fittings with t-bolt clamps
  • Full 304 3” stainless steel turbo back pipe and exhaust.
  • Full flow solid stainless lined exhaust bellows
  • Braided stainless steel oil and coolant lines
  • Stainless steel hard pipe oil drain line
  • V-band connections to turbo and exhaust
  • Full aluminum catch can with filter and billet mounting bracket
  • Cold air is pulled from stock location
  • Tuning and calibration made easy with included Force Turbos HP Tuner RTD Tuning (Vehicle Ecu will need to be sent in to be unlocked)
  • ID1300X2 injectors capable of flowing 500 HP on race fuel
  • All hardware included for installation
  • Fully tig welded
  • Ability to run back plastic cover if wanted
  • Options to run stock or aftermarket muffler (Contact Force Turbos for further info)
  • Made in the USA


Disclaimer: CA Customers - Proposition 65 Warning: P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Ask a Question

    Install time will be approx. 12-14 hours. The Polaris Pro R turbo system is an in-depth top-of-the-line turbo system.

  • street legal?

    Yes, Our product is street-legal in any state that allows offroad vehicles to be registered.

• We utilize the highest quality G-series 30-770 Garrett ball-bearing turbo with an anti-surge compressor cover. This turbocharger is capable of producing up to 770 horsepower. The G Series 30-770 turbocharger is highly efficient and will outperform all comparable products on the market. The benefits include lower engine coolant temperatures and reduced strain on engine components. This turbocharger was specifically designed for 4-cylinder motors aiming to generate power and operate at 8500+ rpm.

• We have created a sleek, divorced water-to-air system that fits perfectly between the motor and clutch cover. This configuration allows you to retain your full bed space and enjoy an unobstructed view through your rear window. This designed system results in lower charge air temperatures, thereby delivering more efficient power.

• Our high-quality aluminum cold air intake system is designed to function just like stock, supplying the engine with clean, cooler air compared to the competition's setup.

• We circulate coolant through our turbo, which keeps the turbo center section cool, creating a barrier between the cold side of the turbo and the hot exhaust side. By implementing this, your engine oil viscosity remains unaffected by the extreme temperatures produced by the turbocharger. This results in a longer engine life and provides the best possible lubricating protection when using a turbo.

• All aluminum piping is used on the cold side of the turbo system. Have you ever seen a high-performance drag car, a pulling truck, or an F1 vehicle using silicone? That's because aluminum is simply superior. It efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the turbo, ensuring it remains intact when you decide to increase the boost, and it also has an attractive appearance.

• The exhaust is a full 3” stainless steel system. Force Turbo was the first to introduce the double scavenge exhaust design. This design provides a space for the exhaust gases to momentarily expand, effectively scavenging and vacuuming the second wave of exhaust gases from both the turbo and cylinder head. This results in improved airflow both in and out of the engine. This design produces more torque and higher top-end horsepower compared to all other designs on the market.

• V-band clamps provide the most secure connection, ensuring zero exhaust leaks.

• A full 5/8” stainless steel hard drain line efficiently channels oil from the turbo back to the engine, without concerns of burning or ignition due to proximity to the exhaust header.

• All critical fluid connections for components are made using mechanical joint AN fittings.

• The turbo system includes an aluminum catch can designed to prevent engine oil from being drawn into the turbo intake. This system also helps alleviate the buildup of crankcase pressure, which could potentially lead to engine oil seal failure.

• Force Turbos are tuned and set up under real-world driving conditions. We collaborate with the industry's leading ECU calibrators and clutching specialists. This ensures that you, as the end user, can have confidence knowing that the best team is supporting you.


  • RZR Pro R (2022-2024)
  • RZR Pro R 4 (2022-2024)