Turbo Specific Reeds


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Turbo Specific Reeds
Ski-Doo Turbo Reeds
Polaris 800 Pro Turbo Reeds
Turbo Specific Reeds

Package includes one complete engine set of reeds.

Turbo specific reeds kits replace your stock reeds, adding the needed stiffness and long life materials required in a boosted application.

Reed petals can be used with the factory reed cages. 

Designed using heavier material specific for the increased vibrations and load from turbo systems. We have utilized these with our systems with great success since 2008


Ask a Question
  • Will these reeds last longer or are they stronger than the stock 850 turbo r reeds?

    Yes,  these Turbo Spec reeds are stronger and will hold up to boost longer.  They have been specifically designed for boosted applications and running of boost up to 18 PSI.

  • I assume your turbo reeds will fit the Ski Doo 2020.5-22 Gen 4 turbos too?

    Yes they will