Polaris Axys / SKi-Doo 850 Turbo fix kit

  • $1,016.99

Force Turbo's Turbo fix kit” is designed for all Ski-Doo 850 & Polaris Axys units (2016-2019) that have a turbo system from other manufacturers.

Our turbo fix kit includes an add-on billet injector housings that fit between the throttle bodies and reed assemblies. It keeps a stock like the drivable feel and fueling scenario. This system has capabilities of data logging, add-on intake air temperature sensor, and it uses a free downloadable software.   

Turbo Fueling upgrade includes the following:

    • Tunable Redline G3 Fuel Controller · Billet aluminum intakes with secondary injectors · Plug and play wiring.

Frequent system upgrade options:

FAQ and answers:

  • Performance improvements:
  • It gives the end user the ability to adjust their own fueling through a set of add-on secondary injectors and fuel controller. Stock and reflashed ECU don’t always have enough fuel to take care of the added fueling requirement of a turbo. This upgrade allows for that adjustment.
  • Support:
    • Our experienced staff is available Monday through Friday from 9 am – 5 pm MST to assist with any of your technical questions.
  • Availability:
    • Our goal is to have systems available for shipping within one to three business days. Feel free to call or email us to check availability and delivery options.
  • Installation:
    • Our Turbo Fueling Upgrade comes complete with instructions and live technical support for proper installation. To maximize the effectiveness of your system we highly recommend installation by a certified Force Turbos dealer or performance shop. However, it is not uncommon for a DIY enthusiast with good mechanical skills, knowledge, and tools to perform the installation with great success.
  • Average Installation Cost:
    • We recommend using our online dealer locator to find resources in your area that can provide information on installation costs.
  • Return & Warranty
    • Please see our Return and Warranty Policy here.

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