Sand Tires Unlimited Blackbird 32-15


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We highly recommend this tire for any Turbo'd SXS or the Pro R. The #1 paddle will work well with a Pro XP, Turbo S, Turbo R, or Pre-20' Can-Am. The #2 paddle is ideal for 20'+ Can-Am, Turbo R, Stock Pro R, or Speed UTV. The #3 paddle will demand horsepower from a heavily-modded Turbo XP, Can-Am, or Pro R. 
  • Rear tire 
  • Mounts on 15” wheel  
  • 4 ply  
  • Dimensions 32 x 32 x 14 (may grow based on rim width) 
  • Weight: Uncut 41 pounds, Play cut #1 29 pounds, Play cut #2 31 pounds, Play cut #3 33 pounds Comp cut #1 is 21 pounds, #2 is 24.5 pounds, #3 is 27 pounds  
  • Recommended rim width 10”-12” 
  • PSI 8-10 
  • 16 paddles 

 A great front tire to go with this is the Big Tebo 32-15 or Leed Screw 32-15.  For many reasons, the Blackbird has quickly become one of our most popular tires over the last few years in the UTV market. This is our only tire that comes with 3 paddle options, for that reason it is a great choice for many UTV’s from stock to highly modified. For paddle recommendations we have found #1 is what works well on many stock machines, once you get around 200 WHP its time to step up to the #2, and from about 290WHP and 300+ you’ll need the #3 paddle.

Please note: A comp-cut tire reduces the overall weight of the tire but also decreases it's puncture resistance and may also promote very small leaks. Comp-cut tires cannot be returned/refunded, no exceptions. Comp-cutting adds approximately one week lead time.


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