Polaris Xpedition Stage 1 Clutch Kit


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This is a must-have modification for your tuned Xpedition! Clutching is everything, especially when you add power to your machine. To properly transfer added horsepower you need to adjust your CVT clutch. Our custom weights were designed to help shift the clutch harder, resulting in more power to the rear wheels. These magnetic adjustable weights have been a customer favorite as they are very easy to adjust and work so well.
  • This weight has 30 grams of maximum adjustability from 51-81 grams.
  • You can adjust the center of mass (up, down, heel or toe) for your riding preference.
  • Change your Rpm engagement by moving mass (up and down) in your SNYPR weight.
  • Quickly adjust over 16g of weight without removing the clutch through the top weight screws.
  • Seen a 4-5 MPH gain in top speed with the new SNYPR weights
  • Faster acceleration then stock
  • More Responsive feel
  • With these new weights we have the ability to bring down cruising RPM but still give you full RPM at shift out without loosing top end speed. 
  • 5,300 rpm's at 40mph with our kit as per setup sheet with the ability to drop lower with added tungsten
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