Kawasaki KRX Big Injectors


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Kawasaki KRX Big Injectors
Kawasaki KRX Big Injectors

Product Information

The Kawasaki KRX Big Injectors are the latest addition to the Force Turbos Kawasaki KRX Turbo system.

No longer do you need to wonder if you have enough fuel to run 10-12 psi of boost. These Injectors are built off the Bosch 800 cc platform, offering optimization of critical operating parameters important to you, the motorsport tuner. All injectors are match flowed and machined specifically for the KRX platform.


  • Corrosion resistant internals make it compatible with all known fuels, capable of extended service life with corrosive fuels.
  • Built off the Bosch 800 cc platform
  • Includes fuel injectors
  • Includes fuel rail spacers
  • Includes fuel injector pig tails


  • To run these injectors efficiently an aftermarket fuel rail, bigger fuel pump, and fuel supply lines are recommended.
  • Tune change will be needed to run these injectors


  • Bigger fuel pump
  • Bigger fuel supply lines
  • Aftermarket fuel rail
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