Force Turbos Throttle Safety Switch (TSS) Bypass


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Force Turbos Throttle Safety Switch (TSS) Bypass - Force Turbos
Force Turbos Throttle Safety Switch (TSS) Bypass - Force Turbos
Force Turbos Throttle Safety Switch (TSS) Bypass - Force Turbos

Product Information

Force Turbos Bypass connector for Polaris TSS. This connector allows you to bypass the throttle safety switch in your stock thumb throttle.

This product can be useful on its own, or if you are having problems with your stock Throttle Safety Switch.

This product is for Polaris sleds 2011-2022.

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Ask a Question
  • Will this work on a 2023 Polaris Matyrx 850?

    Yes it will

*Warning* A tether must be used at all times while using this product. Check throttle to ensure the throttle is not sticking before use. The TSS Bypass disable some safety features on the machine. It’s possible that the throttle can stick unintentionally while operating the machine, which can lead to acceleration even if your thumb / finger is released from the throttle lever.
Polaris models 2011-2021
  • Begin by removing side panels & hood
  • Pull push pins from the plastics on the plastics located where your knees rest when seated
  • Remove clutch tool holding this panel to the foot plastics
  • Pull the plastic back being careful not to puncture the intake with the extruded piece located below the intake grate
  • Locate the black Velcro bag by the gas tank behind the plastic & remove the Velcro bag
  • This will expose the handle bar wiring connectors
  • Cut the zip ties from the handle bars that hold the wires to the bar on the throttle side
  • There are 2 other zip ties on the wiring harness downstream that need to be cut as well
  • Locate the 2 pin white wire connector with the blue/black & red/black wires
  • Unplug the connector by pushing down the nub behind the locking tab & gently pull it apart
  • Plug the Force Turbos TSS into the side leading to the ECU & make sure that it locks in
  • If installing on a stock throttle block, you can continue on in the instructions to remove the switch & wiring from the throttle block housing or just leave it & start to put everything back together by reversing previous steps