Polaris Hyper Adjustable Clutch Weights


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The Polaris Hyper Adjustable Clutch Weight Kit was designed to have maximum adjustability and quick adjustment for clutch tuning. There is no need to remove the primary cover and spring to make adjustments once the magnets are set. Simply pull the side panel off the sled and use the different length set screws or tungsten slugs to adjust RPM and belt pinch for different riding conditions or elevation. Because these clutch arm weights are so adjustable, they work equally well in turbo and naturally aspirated sleds.


Kit Includes:

  • 3 clutch arms
  • 3 long set screws
  • 3 medium set screws
  • 3 short set screws
  • 6 tungsten slugs
  • 6 mini cap set screws
  • 36 Magnets
  • Set screw installation tool
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All Polaris models using a P-85 clutch, including:

  • Polaris 850 (2019-2021)
  • Polaris 800 all models
Follow manufactures recommendation for clutch arm replacement. General knowledge of clutch arm loading required for proper installation and effectiveness.
  • The most adjustable clutch weight made for Polaris Snowmobiles.
  • Effective for both naturally aspirated and turbo setups
  • Easily adjustable while in the machine (No clutch removal needed for fine tuning after install)
  • The range of adjustability is from 58 to 90 grams.
  • Aligns engagement of primary and secondary clutching to eliminate drive on feel and reduce belt heat.
  • Improves hold back on downhill descents.