Can-Am Defender Turbo System


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Boost your Can-Am Defender and see horsepower gains to the rear wheels from 45hp to near and above 85hp. Read more...

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Can-Am Defender Turbo
Can-Am Defender Turbo
Can-Am Defender Turbo
Can-Am Defender Turbo
Can-Am Defender Turbo
Can-Am Defender Turbo
Can-Am Defender Turbo
Can-Am Defender Turbo
Can-Am Defender Turbo
Can-Am Defender 6x6

Product Information

Force Turbos pump fuel turbo system is designed specifically for all Can-Am Defender® units from 2018 - 2023.  





With a boost level of 5 psi and high-volume design, you are sure to get the additional horsepower you are looking for with minimal stress on the motor.  Your Defender will see a dramatic horsepower increase to the wheels from 45 RWHP to near or above 85 RWHP and 20 FTLBS of torque. 


Turbo system includes the following:

  • Fuel controller
  • Wideband controller
  • Turbo assembly
  • Charge tube
  • Cold air intake
  • Coolant lines
  • Oil supply line
  • Oil drain assembly
  • Clamps
  • Bolts & misc. items


Disclaimer: CA Customers - Proposition 65 Warning:

Ask a Question

Do I need to buy a clutch kit?  

No. A clutch kit is not usually needed with the Can- Am Defender turbo system.  However, a clutch kit may be needed if you are using larger than stock tires or looking to gain more performance.


Does the turbo system come with a fuel map? 

Yes.  The turbo system comes with a base map.  Occasionally additional tuning is necessary to get the correct base map to match your specific vehicle and ECU, but we are willing to assist.


What limits are removed from the vehicle? 

We increase the stock tune RPM limits, speed limits, and some torque limits.


What is the install time?  

A professional mechanic can install the system in about 6 hours, while a home garage mechanic usually needs 8-10 hours or more.


How does this effect the reliability of our vehicle?  

Our turbo system was designed to give you increased performance while operating within the normal operating limits of the vehicle.  Although our turbo system is capable of exceeding the recommended operational parameters of the vehicle, it would require making specific adjustments to the system to reach those levels.


Can you operate the vehicle in eco mode? 

No.  We recommend always operating your vehicle in sport mode with a turbo system installed.


Do I need to run race fuel?  

No.  This turbo system was designed to run high quality 91 pump fuel.


Does this turbo system void my warranty? 

Yes.  Adding any high-performance aftermarket accessories will void your warranty. Use at your own risk.


Is this unit forest service approved?  

Yes.  A forest service approved spark arrestor is provided in the exhaust.


Can the vehicle be converted back to stock condition after the turbo system is installed? 

Yes.  Our turbo system can be taken off and the vehicle can be returned to stock.


How does the defender turbo system work in deep mud and water?  

The turbo system will work the same as any other stock vehicle.  Air is pulled from the same location as the stock vehicle.  Exhaust will function the same as a stock exhaust.  The turbo system will retain any capability the stock vehicle had.


What is the time line for a turbo system to ship? 

Our goal is to have systems available for shipping with in 2 business days.  Feel free to call or email us to check on availability.


Does Force Turbos have a dealer near me?

Visit our dealer locator on our website to find a dealer near you.  If there is not a dealer in your area, let us know who your preferred dealer is and we will work with them to get you the vehicle of your dreams.


Does Force Turbos offer support? 

Yes.  Force Turbos offers email or phone support during normal business hours Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm MST. Feel free to call us at 801-807-8046 or email

Can-Am Defender

  • 2018 Can-Am Defender
  • 2019 Can-Am Defender
  • 2020 Can-Am Defender
  • 2021 Can-Am Defender
  • 2022 Can-Am Defender

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Can-Am Defender Turbo System

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Ask a Question
  • I have a 2023 Defender XMR Max. If I installed the turbo system, can I still go in deep water where the turbo system would be submerged?

    Yes you can. Our turbo system works the same as the engine does. It is a sealed unit.
    However, you will need to run snorkels. 

  • I have a 2023 can am defender limited 6x6 with heat and ac which turbo kit would I need to order

    You will need to order a 22274 Can-Am Defender 6x6 turbo system.

  • Would this work on a 2017 Can Am defender Max HD10?

    Yes, our turbo system will fit a 2017 HD10. 
    Just Make sure that you order the non-AC model.