High-Temperature Scavenge Pump


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High-Temperature Scavenge Pump - Force Turbos
High-Temperature Scavenge Pump - Force Turbos
High-Temperature Scavenge Pump - Force Turbos

Product Information

Created from the exact same materials with same engineering/manufacturing and as the larger Exa-Pumps®, the Exa-Pump® Nano offers the exact same high-temperature, high-reliability pump technology in the smallest form-factor yet. The Nano is most suitable to physically tighter applications such as motorcycles, quads, personal watercraft, snow machines, or any space-limited or ultra weight-critical racing application. Like the Mini, the Nano also offers the same external motor brushes for easy/inexpensive replacement. The custom heatsink allows the entire motor/pump head assembly infinite rotation allowing optimal orientation of the in/out ports, including port functional reversal.

This pump was designed from the ground up to handle the most extreme conditions found in any motor vehicle, with a special emphasis on turbocharger oil scavenging applications. Built on extremely rugged spur gear technology, this small-frame 350F continuously rated pump offers aerospace/military-grade quality in a compact/lightweight package.



• 350F (175C) Fluid Temperature
• 1GPM Scavenge Pump Rate depending on oil temperature/viscosity, 15+ PSI continuous as Pressure Pump
• Self-prime greater than three feet.
• Hardened Bronze Gear Pump Rotors
• 10,000 Hour Rated Dual Hybrid Ball Bearings
• Low-cost, Easily Replaceable External 4,000 Hour Rated Brushes
• Highest Rated Temperature (class H or higher) Insulated Copper Motor Windings
• Black Anodized Extruded Aluminum Heatsink
• Nickel-plated Pump Head
• Stainless Steel Pump Head Fasteners
• 3/8" NPT Female Threaded Pump Head Ports
• Simple In/Out Port Repositioning via Infinite Rotation of Motor/Pump Head Assembly Within Heatsink
• High-Temperature Power Wiring
• Weatherproof Connectors
• Rubber-isolated Mounting Bracket with metal collar insert
• Extremely Low-vibration, Quiet
• 4 lbs Total Weight, 2” Diameter Motor
• After initial priming from new, pump can intermittently run "dry" (without pumping fluid) up to 10 minutes before internal seals must be rewetted by pumping fluid.
• Not designed for use as a fuel pump
• Standard Exa-Pumps have IP50 rating and should be shielded from direct blasts of water.
• Warrant void if 350F (175C) rated temperature is exceeded.
• Rated voltage (12V) may be exceeded by up to 25%. Warranty void if applied voltage exceeds 25% of rated voltage as labeled.

The Exa-Pump® Nano is the ideal choice for motorcycles/drag-bikes. But the Nano is most suited for any space- or weight-challenged application. Note the Nano can be used with a single ball-bearing or journaled-bearing turbo. The pump head and gears are oversized for this frame-size for optimal performance. For pump head rotation, you simply loosen four M4 screws in the heatsink, rotate motor/pump head assembly as desired, then retighten. Big brother Exa-Pump® is equipped with 10,000 hour brushes, but due to the compact nature of both the Exa-Pump® Nano and Mini, there was not enough physical room for these over-size brushes. Our next best solution was to introduce external brush technology that allows easy/inexpensive replacement of the 4,000 hour brushes in situ without having to dismount the pump, nor even disconnect the power wiring - no other pump offered in this realm offers this feature.

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Universal for moving oil from the turbo oil drain back to the engine.



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