3.0" LE Downpipe reduced sound

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Force Turbos reduced sound downpipe is designed specifically for all Polaris Axys 800 and Ski-Doo 850s who ride in low elevation areas. 

Our low elevation high-volume 3” reduced sound downpipe is the perfect companion for your Force Turbos system.  Enjoy lower noise level, less heat, and no boost creep.

Assembly includes the following:

3.0” stainless steel reduced sound downpipe · All bolts necessary.

Frequent system upgrade options:

  • Boost tee.
  • Adjustable Turbosmart wastegate.

FAQ and answers 

      • Performance expectations:
      • Our new low elevation downpipe will improve the performance of your Force Turbos system in low elevation riding conditions by opening up the exhaust waves and exhaust flow, stabilizes your boost level when running 6 psi or more. Opening up the flow of the exhaust you will notice less boost creep, keeping the tune of your sled within correct bounds; and reducing sound through a resonated exhaust flow. 
  • Riding conditions:
    • The downpipe with reduced sound muffler performs well in low elevation areas.
  • Support:
    • Our experienced staff is available Monday through Friday from 9 am – 5 pm MST to assist with any of your technical questions.
  • Availability:
    • Our goal is to have this product available for shipping within one to three business days. Feel free to call or email us to check availability and delivery options.
  • Installation:
    • Force Turbos reduced sound downpipe comes complete with instructions and live technical support for proper installation. To maximize the effectiveness of your system we highly recommend installation by a certified Force Turbos dealer or performance shop.  However, it is not uncommon for a DIY enthusiast with good mechanical skills, knowledge, and tools to perform the installation with great success.
  • Average Installation Cost:
    • We recommend using our online dealer locator to find resources in your area that can provide information on installation costs.
  • Warranty
3.0" LE Downpipe reduced sound
3.0" LE Downpipe reduced sound