Boost Tee Controller

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The Force Turbos Boost Tee Controller from Turbosmart is designed to work with any wastegate actuator or turbo.

This easy to install controller allows boost adjustment from under the hood with an accurate, proven Detent System, along with a gated system that brings boost on faster. This is one of the smallest and lightest manual boost controllers on the market. Set your boost and forget it.



Add-on Boost Tee Controller includes:

  • Boost Tee Controller.


  • This controller adds more adjustable boost no matter what elevation you ride. For example, when riding at sea level, the air is More dense, which can cause the turbo to build more boost and overrun. When riding in high elevation the air is less dense, which requires more boost pressure to build the same amount of horsepower as when riding at a lower elevation. The Boost Tee Controller gives the ability to keep the same horsepower across all elevations and make it adjustable, turning the boost up or down.
  • It is also a fast and easy way to adjust your boost when you ride two different kinds of fuel. If you decide to run regular 91 fuel one day, you can turn down the boost. Then the next day, if you want to run full race fuel or 50/50 mix, you can turn up the boost easily.

 FAQ and answers:

  • How does it work:
  • The Boost Tee Controller will fit between the reference line or boost reference and the line that runs from the reference over to the wastegate, blowing off the extra pressure that is coming through that line and bleeding it off to the atmosphere. By doing this, the Boost Tee Controller makes the wastegate think that it’s not building the pressure that it is set up to.
  • For example, if you have a wastegate that is set at 6 psi and you want to be able to turn up your boost pressure, you will put the Boost Tee Controller in, which will bleed off and make the wastegate think that it’s only making 4 lbs. of boost, when in reality it is making 6 lbs. Now the wastegate is actually making 8 psi to 10 psi.
  • How much boost does it add:
  • The amount of boost will vary. By adding the Boost Tee Controller you add 1 lb. of boost to your system. You can add more boost, but it will depend on the elevation you are riding. You can get between 4 lbs. to 6 lbs. of boost with just the adjustability you have to do to the wastegate and the Boost Tee Controller.
  • Availability:
    • Ready to ship within one business day. It comes in black and blue, although we only stock black units. Blue units can be purchased upon special request.
  • Installation:
    • Force Turbos Add-on Boost Tee Controller comes complete with instructions and live technical support for proper installation, knowledge, and tools to perform the installation with great success.
  • Return & Warranty:
    • Please see our Return and Warranty Policy at here.
Boost Tee Controller
Boost Tee Controller